Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Step 2: Cut two segments of waxed paper into squares that are roughly 12” x 12.” Lay them on top of one another and cut them at the same time down the center (this will give you four rectangles (approximately 6” x 12”). Stack the rectangles on top of one another and cut in half again to create a pile of 6” x 6” squares.

Step 3: Make sure your sheets are laying in one straight stack and begin accordion folding all sheets at once (like a paper fan). Each fold should be about 1/2” to 3/4” wide. Make sure sheets are sharply creased before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Take a segment of floral wire that is at least 12” long and wrap it around the center of your folded stack of paper. Twist wire together at the edge of your paper (like a twistie-tie) until secure.

Step 5: Using your scissors, trim both ends of your folded paper into desired shape. Be creative. The shape of your cuts will define the petals of your pom pom bloom (they can be curved, pointed, scalloped, etc).

Step 6: Begin giving your pom pom shape by gently opening folded shape up until it resembles a bowtie. It looks really charming at this point, and would make a great gift topper as is if you find yourself in a pinch for time.

Step 7: Continue shaping your pom pom by delicately but firmly pulling up each folded layer to separate it from the layers below it. To do this, pinch one fold from your first layer and pull towards you. Move to the next fold on the same layer and pull towards you again. Repeat until the first layer is no longer laying against the accordion folded layers. Continue to the next layer and repeat this process with all layers on one side before proceeding to the second side. Repeat until all layers have been separated from one another. It’s okay if you have a few tears in your paper here and there. It’s not going to look perfect at this stage, so stick with it. Tip: Holding the wire like a stem while you work will you give you better leverage.

Step 8: After releasing all layers from one another you can give your pom pom a more finished shape by going through and straightening and shaping your petals until they look how you like. Use your pom poms as gift toppers, ornaments, wrap them around napkins as napkin rings, arrange them in a vase for an unexpected floral arrangement, string them onto low-heat holiday lights, and more!

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